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Funny Good Morning Texts messages are quite enjoyable to send to your friends. You can send these funny good morning texts SMS and messages with good morning quotes and wishes to anyone whom you love, care of feel yours. It is always useful to start your day with fun and excitement. We bring you some of the fun and exciting good morning messages. These funny good morning texts will make your laugh and smile and help to make your mood good to start your day.

Collection of Funny Good Morning Texts Message


Funny Good Morning Texts Message

“Pori Raat Jagnay Ka Faida,Subha Uth Kar Brush Nahi Karna Parta”Save Ur Tooth Paste,A Public Message from HAKEEM MASTANA Bagher dantwale”

“Doesn’t Reduce Yesterdays Sorrows,But It Empties Todays Strength”.So DONT WORRY,BE HAPPY & Make Others Happy.”

“Ap k Ghar Walon ko Ap k Nankon Dadkon ko Wad Waderon ko,Azezon Reshtedaro Çhotay Motay ko§ub kakay kakeyon koGawandeyon koÇhachay Phupiyon ko,Phupheron ko§b Maseon Maseron ko Aap ki Mnjh,kattay, katiyonko,Aap ke kukar kukriyon ko”GooD MORNING,koi Reh Gya Ho Tou §orry”

Funny Good Morning Texts SMS

“have a lovely sundayWherever You Go,No Matter What The Weather,Always Bring Your Own Sunshine… (:G o_O d/\/\ o R n I n GHave A LovelyS U N D A Y”

“Learning from Water,To Adjust yourself in Every Situation,In any Shape,& Always Find Out your OwnWay Beautifully! Have a Lovely nGo_0D MorN!nG.”

“Morning is Silent Morning is BeautifuL Morning is Calm Morning is Quiet B U T Morning is Not Complete Without Wishing U”G¤¤D M¤rning”

Cute Funny Good Morning Texts and wishes

“Iqbal says Khol ankh, zameen daik falak daikh fiza daikh Mashriq se ubharte hue suraj ko zra daikh TASHREEH:-Is sher mai iqbal kehte haink,”GOOD MORNING”

“Once in life,Do fall in love Not necessarily with a person,but with an idea,…a dream, anambition More often it’ll be reason to wake up with a smile ..:Good Morning.”

A Morning is like a True Friend
You can’t have them with you always
But you can be sure they’ll be around
When you wake up today, tomorrow and forever
Good Morning, My Friend!

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