Good Morning SMS in hindi for friends and Family

Good Morning SMS and Messages for your friends and family. Download and send Good Morning SMS in hindi and english and send them to your friends to wish them wonderful good morning. Morning SMS can be send along with some funny good morning SMS message or Good Morning love SMS to your beloved ones. Simply copy the below morning SMS messages and send them to your friends via email, whatsapp, Facebook or messages.

Good Morning SMS in hindi


Welcome to the new morning with
smile on ur face
LOVE in ur “heart”
Good Thoughts in ur “mind”
Wish u A Brightest Morning..

If U cannot get someone off ur mind,
It is maybe because he/she is supposed to be there.
Remember, the mind can recognize what the heart is trying to deny.
Good Morning!

Thinking of U this lovely morning
As the sun starts shining is the perfect beginning.
So my dear charming, here’s my good morning.
Keep smiling morning till evening.

Good Morning SMS in English with Images

On This Cool Cool Morning
In Ur Cute Cute Room
From Ur Small Small Window
Look At The Beautiful Beautiful Weather
Wishing U Sweet Sweet
Good Morning.. !!!!

Night has ended for another day,
Morning has come in a special way,
May you smile like the sunny rays,
And leave ur worries for some other day.
****** Good Morning SMS *******

 Good Morning SMS in English Images good-morning-SMS

R u waiting 4 my msg????
So sweet
Don’t worry ,
How can i forget u??
Here comes my msg to wish u

End is not end..
In fact,
END is Effort Never Dies!!
NO is not always just denial..
Its NO- Next Opportunity!!
Always b positive!! Have a nice Morning

Smooth roads never make good drivers,
Clear sky never makes good pilots,
Problem-free life never makes a strong person..
So don’t ask life, WHY ME??
Instead say, TRY ME..
Good morning Wishes SMS!! :-)


Prayer is not an attempt to change God’s mind..
But its an attempt to let God change our mind…
Gud morning!!! Gud day!!!

Life is not an i-pod to listen to ur favorite songs!
Its like a radio in which U must adjust yourself to enjoy whatever cums up!! :-)
Have a wonderful morning.

These are some wonderful Good Morning SMS in Hindi and English which you can send to your friends, family, colleagues, employees and other people in your life.

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