How to say good morning in French – Morning in French

How to say good morning in French can be very simple if we learn the way to greet in french. This wish or greet is used by every one right from a small kid to an old age person. ‘Good Morning’ is the word which is used all around the world to greet each other. Now depending upon the surrounding and the language used locally, it is always better to wish in the same tone. If we have people of french origin, it is always better to wish them Good morning in french.

How to say Good Morning in French

How to say good morning in French

How to say good morning in French is not so difficult if you learn the way to pronounce it. The exact word used for good morning in french is “Bonjour”. But if we look for the technical meaning of the word, than it literally means “Good Day”. If the break the word “Bonjour”, the word “Bon” means “Good” and “Jour” means “Day”, So the exact meaning of “Bonjour” becomes “Good Day”. This greeting word in french can be used right from the early morning to night upto 7 pm time. And after 7 pm, we can used the word “BonSoir” which means “Good Evening”

How to Say Bonjour correctly

As we said, we say bonjour for Good morning in french, but we must also learn how to pronounce it correctly.  We can break the word Bonjour in 2 parts like ‘Bon’ and ‘Jour’. While pronouncing, we read Bon as ‘bon’ and the last part from it ‘on’ is pronounce with some nasal quality to it. While pronounce ‘Jour’, we can read it as ‘JHE’ with a soft slur on to it. So you try to read BonJour now as we suggested.

We have often seen that people learning french are confused about the use of the word for Good Morning in French like Bonjour. If you compare these saying in English, we have wishes like Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening. These wishes can be distinguished with each other with respect to time. However in French, simply saying BonJour is enough although we have other words like BonMatin and Bonne matinee which are translation for words like Good Morning.

Some most commonly used words in French

“Some useful French Greetings”
People Word to Use When
Meeting formally or with strangers Bonjour From early morning  until 7 o’clock at night.
Meeting formally or with strangers Bonsoir From 7 pm until bedtime.
close aide or family member Salut All day long until evening, when you may switch to using bonsoir.
Anyone Allo Means Hello, but used only on the telephone. In a business setting, many answer their phones oui, allo(yes, hello?)

This is How to say good morning in French to wish or greet strangers, friends, official aide or family members. I hope this is going to help little bit to understand the basics about wishing and greeting in French.

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