How to say Good Morning in Spanish – Morning in Espinol

We have seen that first impression is the last impression. Means the important of first impression really counts. This is as per my personal experience that we should learn some of the common greeting words before visiting an area where foreign languages like Spanish, German or French is spoken. Even if we are not able to get the fluency, still it will make our conversation slightly smoother to know few of the statements and questions.

I have listed our some commonly used words and phrases in Spanish or Espinol. This will help you to greet your colleagues or visiting business partners and help to improve your relation with them.

How to say Good Morning in Spanish – Good Morning in Espinol

How to say Good Morning in Spanish_espinol

let us start with the common words like ‘Good Morning in Spanish‘ – ‘Buenos Dias

Good Morning in Spanish – Buenos Dias. This is the most common and standard way of greeting someone when you want to say them Good Morning in Spanish. You can use this Spanish word for Good Morning in any Spanish speaking country.

‘Buenos Dias’

  • If we see this word in English, it translate in ‘Good Day’
  • Buenos, means ‘Good”
  • Dias, means ‘Day’
  • While pronouncing this word in Spanish, we read it like – boo-eh-nohs-dee-ahs

Some other mostly used phrases in Spanish

  • Muy bien, gracias — Very well, thank you.
  • Buenas tardes – Good afternoon in Spanish
  • Buenas noches – Good evening/Good night in Spanish
  • Buenas noches — Good night — Unlike the English translation, buenas noches can be used as a greeting as well as a farewell.
  • Buenas tardes — Good afternoon, good evening — In most areas, buenas tardesshould be used in the early evening in preference to buenas noches.
  • ¿Cómo te va? ¿Cómo le va? ¿Qué tal? ¿Qué hay? — How’s it going? What’s happening? — There is also a variety of colloquial alternatives, although many of them depend on the area.
  • ¿Qué pasa? — What’s happening?
  • ¿Qué hubo? ¿Qué onda? — How is it going? What’s happening? — These phrases are most common in Mexico.

These are most commonly used Spanish words in our daily life.

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