How to say good morning in italian – Italian word for Morning

How to say good morning in italian - Italian word for Morning While travelling to Italy it is always better to learn few words which are most commonly used in Italy. When you use such words to greet people in their language, it is always believed to be more helpful to have deep relation and healthy relations. Here we are going to see how to say good morning in ItalianItalian word for Good Morning.

I would suggest to learn on the words and phrases which are most frequently used for common Italian greeting. Once we start using these Italian translation words now and than, it becomes a part of our life and we feel more comfortable to interact with peoples.

How to Say Good Morning in Italian

When talking about greeting people, as expected it is better to use polite greeting words when we meet someone we know or we want to know. In Italy, it is important that we use the correct greeting words and phrases depending upon the relation which we have with the other person. For example, it can be our friend, boss or teacher. In all the cases the way we wish varies from each other.

Some of the common ways to wish or greet in Italian

  • Ciao (hello; hi [Informal])

    Ciao! is the most common way of saying hello and goodbye informally. You should never use it with someone like a boss or a teacher or anyone else with whom you’re using Lei (the formal version of you).

  • Salve! (Hi; Bye [Formal/Informal])

  • Che piacere vederti! (How nice it is to see you! [Informal])

  • Buongiorno! (Hello; Good morning; Goodbye [Formal])

  • Buona sera! (Hello; Good evening; Goodbye [Formal])

    Use the longer Buon giorno and Buona sera in more formal situations, like when you enter a store.

Good Morning in Italian

Learn how to say good morning in Italian, or how to say Hello in Italian are some of the other words and phrases and greeting words in Italian which we need to learn. Lets have a look at some of the other words as given in the bellow table for Italian translation for greeting words and Phrases.

English Italian
Good morning. Buongiorno.
Good afternoon. Buon pomeriggio.
Good evening. (greeting) Buonasera.
Hello, my name is John. Ciao, mi chiamo John.
What is your name? Come ti chiami?
How are things? Come vanno le cose?
Fine, thanks. Bene, grazie.
How are you? Come stai?
I am fine. Sto bene.
Nice to meet you. Piacere di conoscerti.
Goodbye. Ciao/Arrivederci.
See you later A presto.

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